Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ford Fiesta ST - Turbo Upgrade, Downpipe, and Custom Tune!

We just recently had a clients Ford Fiesta ST in for some fun upgrades, including a new turbo! The owner had purchased a Puma Speed X-47R upgraded turbo unit, along with a downpipe and the associated hardware needed for this swap. We laid out the parts we had on hand to inspect the components and ensure there were no issues, then we got to work!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Touge Prep for Our STi

Once or twice a year we try to make it up to the Appalachian mountains for some serious driving zen. The amazing roads, beautiful scenery, and slower pace of life all make it one of the best places for a vacation (especially for people with a car addiction). The owner, Tristan, had big plans this year for his 2005 STi , including a 6 piston front brake kit and lightweight chassis bracing.  His goal was to add some go-fast parts that would improve the braking and handling of the car on the Touge, or "Mountain passes".  There were also some important maintenance and "longevity" items that needed to be checked off the list before departure.  Read on to see some of the neat installs we did for this years trip preparations!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Road Trip & Event Prep - Maintenance!

The CMS STi owner, Tristan, was planning on taking it on a week long trip to the mountains for some true driving zen, and the STi needed to be in fighting trim to do so.  So, he put together a list of both performance upgrades he wanted to do and maintenance items that needed to be addressed.  A lot of times with car guys, the “fun stuff” comes first (performance), and the “not-so-fun stuff” (maintenance) comes a distant second, if at all.  This is really the opposite of how it should be, as maintenance and upkeep should always come first.  Why? Well, what good is a fire-breathing 500 horsepower monster….if the car dies because old fluid wasn’t changed, or a wheel falls off because a bearing failed? Exactly, it’s not good at all. So, with an upcoming 2,000+ mile trip, with hard up-hill driving, and the need for the car to make it up and back under it's own power, it was decided to get all of the “not-so-fun stuff” done first.  Read on to see what we addressed and why!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Keeping it Cool - Radiator Upgrade for the CMS STi

As part of the last round of upgrades to our very own 2005 STi, we needed to address the stock radiator and fans. While still doing its job just fine, it was 13 years old and essentially a ticking time bomb. The factory Subaru radiators use plastic end tanks mated to the aluminum core, and over time the plastic gets brittle and cracks, especially when subjected to high heat.  Well, our car is "high heat", and in order to ensure our STi was ready for a week of hard driving in the mountains, the stock radiator needed to go.  We decided to put a new CSF aluminum radiator in it's place.  Why?  Read on to find out!

Friday, April 13, 2018

When to Replace Your Clutch?

A big question that we often get is: When should I replace my clutch?  The obvious answer to that would be...when it starts to slip!  Once it slips, there's no coming back and it needs to be replaced before it becomes an issue.  However, the not so obvious answer would be - How many miles are on your current clutch, and what are you future plans?  Read on to see when it may be a good idea to replace your clutch before it slips!