Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Autocross Victory at Subiefest 2023!

This past weekend Subiefest held their 3rd annual Florida Subaru meet at the Daytona International Speedway – complete with Travis Pastrana and Bucky Lasek doing donuts in their insane rallycross inspired cars, the reveal of the brand new 2024 WRX TR, a ton of vintage and new Subarus to look at, and an all Subaru Autocross. We were there with our vendor booth and our modern-classic 2005 Camo STi, talking Subaru performance all day with fellow enthusiasts, and with our 2008 STI Hatch project car to compete in the Autocross.

Lined up to compete!

Our 2008 STI Hatch remains unchanged from last year – A built shortblock, Blouch 1.5XTR turbo, Flex-Fuel, and supporting mods (complete mod list below).  We even ran the same exact tires as last year, good old Direzza ZIIIs.  It needed a good washing before the event, but that was the extent of our prep – we felt the car was well rounded and performed very well at last years event.

Scott Speed layin' it down in his Rally-X STI.

Speaking of last years event; Not only did our teammate Nate pilot our STI to a class win in Turbo Modified but he beat every other competitor by over THREE seconds to take the overall win and claim Top Time of Day!  This was quite the victory and we were super pleased (a 3 second lead in an Auto-x is huge) – then we found out that Scott Speed drove his Vermont SportsCar built Rallycross car to a 32 second flat time, which was only about a second faster than our time. Which means we were closer in time with our full interior street car to a literal race car than the rest of the filed – Not bad 😎

Wayne tearing it up in his S203 clone

The rest of the podium winners in the 2022 event in the Turbo Modified class also just happened to be Circuit Motorsports customers – Wayne in his CMS built 2005 STI with a JDM twin scroll setup took second place.  Nick in his mostly original 2004 WRX took third - AND Scott M. took 1st place in Turbo Stock in his STI, another CMS customer in a car we tuned – pretty neat to see a podium filled with happy CMS customers and their Subarus!

Scott's STI on our Dyno getting fine tuned

We knew this year’s 2023 event would be tougher – competitors will have prepped knowing last year’s competition – and we were right.  Scott M. once again brought us his 2011 STI to get it freshened up and re-tuned for the event. He  added a Cobb BPV to hold more boost pressure, a turbo inlet to smooth airflow to the stock turbo and get rid of a old leaky stock inlet, and done some basic maintenance. It previously made 302/330 before on the our dyno - Stew sprinkled some sauce on it and reworked the boost curve, which sacrificed a handful of peak torque but gave this STI a much fatter and flatter torque curve down low where it counts in Auto-x. It made 314 whp/322 wtq at 18-19 psi peak on 93 octane, and the overall powerband for this thing came out great for auto-x use.

Scott working his STI around the cones

Scott put it all to good use crushing his competition in the Turbo Stock class – he came out on top with a 42.646 run – a whopping 2 second lead on the second place car!

The Turbo Modified class was the largest class this year, with 31 competitors.  Our driver Nate had his work cut out for him – as the course this year was much tighter than last years. This meant the extra power our car made would actually be a hindrance rather than an advantage – as was proven by the closer time delta between the other drives this year compared to last. Nates efforts were good enough to secure victory in the Turbo Modified class though – beating out the second place by about 1.5 seconds!


Nate getting it done in our STI hatch

Our goal was not just to win the class however – we wanted to secure Fast Time of the Day – a complete win for the competition.  We were able to do this with Nates best time of the day at a 41.890 – Just under a second faster than Scotts best time of 42.646 – Victory was ours!

1st in Turbo Modified and Fastest Overall!

We were very happy with our win, and happy to see Scott’s STI place first in his class and second overall – 2 cars we had the pleasure of building/prepping and tuning!  A Special mention to Nick and Wayne, who both drove this year and were able to stay in the top 10 of the Turbo Modified class with their WRX and STI respectively!

We very much enjoy building and tuning cars that prove their performance when it counts. Circuit Motorsports has been building winning Subarus since 2009, and we continue to do so for our clients to this day. Overall Subiefest 2023 was a great event with fellow enthusiasts talking cars, enjoying the vibes and taking home the win. We’ll see you at the next one!


Bucky's ride

Pastrana's Huckster

2005 WRC STI

So much to take in

A lot of competitors this year 

Our booth and our old school camo STi

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