Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SCCA 2017 Runoffs Victory ~ 1-2 Finish and a Championship Win

Circuit Motorsports has been working closely with Dynasty Racing to dial in their fleet of GT86 race cars throughout the 2017 season as their exclusive ECU tuner. The team enjoyed many successes with 4 victories and 4 separate track records between the three teammates.  It all culminated during SCCA Runoffs held at famed Indianapolis motor speedway, where they fielded 3 cars and almost came home with a full podium sweep, but there was a little drama on track...

The team includes Darren Seltzer, Chi Ho, and Kellie Czarny. Together they campaign 3 Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S race prepped cars to compete in the SCCA Touring 4 class. Power modifications for this class are very limited, basically restricted to an air filter, catback exhaust, and the allowances of a gutted cat.  The rest of the mods and work are all in the chassis and safety systems. Circuit Motorsports' Master Ecutek Tuner, Big Bob, worked his magic to extract as much power out of the cars as we could with the restrictive factory intake and exhaust systems still in place.  Big Bob set to work on the dyno multiple times throughout the season to tweak and fine tune the calibration to extract every last horsepower we could, while still maintaining a margin of safety for hard track use. While the HP numbers are a guarded team secret, we can say that the dyno results were impressive given the tight constraints on mods allowed.

With the cars armed with our custom race tuning and prepped by the Dynasty team they set out to win some races. Win they did, for their first time competing in the highly competitive touring 4 category with SCCA, Dynasty Racing succeeded with many victories and track records.  To be exact, over the season of 7 race weekends, the team had a total of 4 victories and 4 separate track records! These included podium finishes and class records at the world famous Daytona Speedway, NOLA Park, NJ Motorsports Park, and Roebling Road Raceway! Both the Dynasty and Circuit Motorsports teams were very impressed and pleased with these results, but the best was yet to come.

The ultimate victory came at the most competitive club racing event in Motorsports here in the U.S.; the SCCA Runoffs.  The even is held at famed Indianapolis motor speedway and over the course of 5 days almost 30 different classes of racing takes place!  It is a huge event and for most club racers it is THE event of the year to attend and compete.  Dynasty Racing showed up with confidence and did well in qualifying with all 3 drivers making it into the top 5, with Chi and Darren in the 2nd and 3rd spot in Grid. They were confident that they could take a clean sweep 1 - 2 -3 finish. However, Once out on the track there was contact between Chi and the Pole Position car driven by Oscar Jackson on the first lap, sending Chi off track and unfortunately taking him out of the race early on due to damage to the car. Darren and Kellie drove on to take 2nd and 3rd place on the podium with Oscar in first.  However, it was determined that Oscar was at fault for the contact earlier in the race that had taken our Chi, and he was given a penalty, giving Darren and Kelly the 1st and 2nd place finish!

Dynasty Racing's latest teammate, Kellie Czarny, did amazingly well taking second place at her first ever Runoffs race.  This finish also claimed a new record as the first ever female on the podium in the Touring 4 class, and the first ever Rookie as well!  Her teammate Darren Seltzer not only finished first in this race but was also crowned the Touring 4 Champion for the 2017 season! Seltzer stands among a small handful of drivers who hold both Autocross National Championships as well as Runoffs Championship wins. Seltzer remarked - "Among our various partners, we especially want to thank Circuit Motorsports for their dedication to performance, hard work, and general enthusiasm at their craft.  We appreciate the engine tuning work done to let us at Dynasty Racing perform at our peak!"

Circuit Motorsports has also been contracted to tune several other Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota GT86 race cars that compete in SCCA racing events besides the Dynasty team cars.  Earlier in the year we tuned a T4 class FR-S that was having issues with its previous calibration.  After tuning the vehicle remotely it picked up power and at the very next race it took first place! This got the attention of several other racers, and we were asked to tune another T4 class BRZ.  Following in the footsteps of our previous success, that car won it's next race with our new tune file...much to the chagrin of the FR-S owner we had just tuned (he contacted us about updating his tune with more power haha)!  A point of note is that out of the six GT86 family of cars that qualified in the top 10 spots in the SCCA runoff T4 race, we had tuned five of them!  We take pride in striking a balance between power and reliability, which is key when tuning a race car that will see serious abuse out on track.  Power will help you to win a race, but if tuned to a knife edge of safety that causes a failure, it won't win anything but a headache. We have been very pleased with our success in tuning the 86 platform in competitive racing and the praise we have received from the drivers.

-Circuit Motorsports is a performance tuning shop located in Orlando, FL.  We have a professional tuner on staff who is a certified Ecutek Master Tuner and a Cobb Protuner. Our shop specializes in import performance cars from Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more.

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