Saturday, June 13, 2015

Subaru TGV Delete Port and Polish Service - Now Available from Circuit Motorsports!

Since a certain company no longer offers their PnP services we have been asked quite a few times where our customers can get their TGVs deleted without having to buy expensive billet or cast aftermarket versions. We decided the best thing to do would be to step up and do it ourselves, so Circuit Motorsports is now offering a comprehensive TGV delete service!

What is a TGV? - TGV stands for Tumbler Generator Valve, they are designed to reduce cold idle emissions, that is their only purpose.  Once your vehicle is warm the butterfly valves open fully and remain that way for the duration of the drive. TGVs are present in every Subaru from the 2002 WRX to the 2015 STI, so if you own a modern Subaru, you have these in your car!

Why do you want to get rid of them? - The TGVs are very restrictive, the butterfly flapper and support rod take up about 35% of the flow area inside the TGV when open, and much more when closed. There is also a divider wall cast into the TGV which takes up space whether the TGV flapper is open or closed.  They also commonly fail on higher mileage cars and when they fail they often fail in the closed position, meaning you have only about 25% of the flow through the TGV housing. A CEL will come on and the car will go into limp mode until you either delete them, or replace them with new TGVs (very expensive). Lastly, the motors that are mounted to the housing are bulky and will get in the way of upgrading your turbo. Most larger turbos will have a larger inlet area, and this commonly will interfere with the TGV motor location.

It has been reported that gains in the area of 15+ whp/wtq can be expected after the TGV deletes has been done.  It has also been reported that third party flowbench tests showing an increase from 330 cfm to 480 cfm!  On a typical Stage 2 setup you are going to realize an increase of 5-10tq/5-8hp in the low end, 10-15tq/8-12hp in the mid range, and 5-10tq/5-8hp at the high end. Max gains are typically going to occur in the mid range.  These will also have the benefit of giving you a quicker turbo spool up and the gains will only increase as horsepower increases.  Bigger turbos mean more flow, which means if you are still trying to push all that air by the stock TGVs you will be losing major horsepower!

What does Circuit Motorsports do to the stock TGV housing? - For the Port and Polish/Delete service we take a stock TGV and completely remove the butterflies, support rod, motors, and the divider wall. We first remove the motors, rod, hardware and butterfly flappers, this removes a lot of the restriction and unnecessary weight. We then Port the divider wall and grind it flush with the rest of the housing. Once that is done we polish the entire interior of the TGV housing to give it a nice even finish. The TGVs are then sandblasted so they look brand new!

Next we drill and tap the support rod hole with an NPT bit. We then seal that hole with a NPT plug with PTFE thread seal tape. To make sure there are no leaks we then fill the gap with a dual compound sealant.  The result is a professionally ported and polished TGV housing that will provide maximum flow and horsepower!

TGV Delete Pricing for both Topfeed and Sidefeed

TGV Delete Service =  $189.99

Refundable Core Fee = $150
(We ship you a set of deleted TGVs, you install them, and send us your stock TGV housings for a refund. No downtime for you waiting to send your stock TGVs in first!)

Thermal Barrier Coating = $45
(This process involves applying a Thermal Barrier coating to the outside of the TGV housing. This will help to repel radiant heat from the engine bay and keep the air charge cooler inside the TGV housing)

Contact us today to get your TGV delete service scheduled or ordered!

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Circuit Motorsports is a Performance Automotive Shop located in Orlando, FL. We specialize in Subaru performance and tuning.

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