Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CMS Tuned SCCA STX BRZ - Mark Stevens

CMS Provides Power for SCCA Solo STX!

Driver Bio:
    Name: Mark Stevens
    Age: 42
    LoCal: Mid-Ohio
    Education: Mechanical Engineer
    Years Racing Wheel to Wheel : Too Many
    Years Racing Auto-X : 1/2
    Car: 2014 BRZ Limited

           Full exhaust from CMS (HKS, Motive, Tomei)
           Feal Coilovers
           Enkei 17 X 9's
           BFG Rivals (Carry-over Sponsor From Baja)
           Racing Brake BBK Front and Rear
           Perrin Intake Tube w/K&N Drop In
           Whiteline Sway Bars
           LiON Battery
           Sparco Harness
           Most amazing ECUTek e-Tune from CMS imaginable. (Bob RULES, best tuner/guy I've                                                                                             ever worked with on anything!)
Overview of Racing Experience:

I have successfully raced everything from shifter karts on a pro level to a Class 1 car in Baja, with lots of steps in between. Most recent years were in Baja, primarily the Baja 500 and 1000. Solo is something I've never really considered before this spring; I have a good friend with a long racing history that started doing it again recently, and well apparently it's contagious. I find it very refreshing to do so little work to the car and be able to do so many events. The past 5 or so years for me have been limited to 6 months of rebuilding a car only to go intentionally destroy it again, with a 50/50 shot of even finishing the event... can be draining both financially and mentally. This year I am driving for a car owner in Baja; and I'm prepping and racing solo the rest of the year and loving it.
2014 SOLO to Date:
The season started out pretty rough; we were running a showroom stock car in STX as we knew we were going to mod quickly. The car was certainly less than optimum and this handicap contributed to a lot of just generally off the pace runs. By our 3rd event of the season; the car was getting much stronger at this point; and finally we took our first win. Weak driving in the 4th event which was wet left us 3rd but only .3 off so not a terrible loss points wise. We've won the last 3 in a row by an increasingly significant margin, gaining a lot of points with each win, we now sit 1st in the points for STX and Rookie...

-Mark S.

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