Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tyler Jago CMS Sponsored Driver SCCA Solo STU - 2014 Race 3

Race number 3 in the books and what a doozy. A great course for AWD with a huge slalom to start out and several high speed offsets that allowed me to stay on the power and let the diffs sort everything out. Definitely more exciting than the previous race! Also a course that played into a patient, tidy and smooth driving style...unfortunately that is exactly the opposite of how I normally drive ;-).

The good thing about this event is I took it more seriously as I had 3 people in my class which kept me honest and a chip on my shoulder from my horrible performance at the last event. This combination of a need to stay calm with a bigger class along with some pent-up aggression proved to work out well. I ended up stomping the class by over 1s and took 24th overall out of 159, posting the 2nd fastest time of the day on street tires. Boo Yah!!

Not gonna get much tighter than this:

Stoptech + Hawk + Motul = Massive stopping power:

Pitch and pray is the only way to be fast in a Suby:

The camera guys must like me because they caught this epic finish series of my winning run!!

That is just fantastic work by the photogs, hells yes!! Full album here.

Got a couple vids loaded as well of my slowest and fastest runs

Amazing how the lines are very similar, but if you watch closesly you'll see that the fast run is all around more tight and tidy. Here is a cool site that allows you to watch youtube videos side by side:

Another great day of racing in the books, thanks for the support.


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