Friday, April 11, 2014

Subaru Cobb Protuner in Orlando, FL - Blouch 1.5XTR STI Tuned!

Circuit Motorsports is a certified Cobb Protuner, and dealer, here in Orlando, Fl. We recently Protuned a customers 2013 Subaru Impreza STI after we installed a Blouch 1.5xtr and supporting mods!

This 2013 STI came to us with relatively low miles on it, but the customer was aching for some real streetable power. So we obliged and built him an ideal setup for the street. The power band and numbers are going to be a serious improvement over stock but this is still going to be something you can take out to dinner with the girlfriend and not get any complaints.

The mods list is as follows:

-Blouch 1.5XTR Turbo
-Intake Inlet
-Tomei Headers and up-pipe, ceramic coated
-Composite Zerolift TGV deletes
-Airpump delete
-LIC block-off plates
-Grimmspeed Heatshield and 3" Downpipe
-Invidia Catback exhaust
-Deatschwerks Fuel pump and 850cc Injectors
-Grimmspeed EBCS
-Kartboy Pitchstop

We tuned this car using a Cobb V3 Accessport on a Mustang Dyno.  As always, our resident Tuner, "Big Bob", set out to get the most out of this setup while keeping it safe for every day street use in hot Florida weather. We achieved a very nice number of 370hp/397 ft/lbs. to the wheels! The graph shows that the powerband starts early and have a very broad reach across the rev range. There is a ton of torque available early, as we take full advantage of tuning in the AVCS, and the power holds all the way to redline.

This setup feels absolutely amazing in conjunction with the STI's fantastic AWD system, just point the car where it needs to go and put your foot down and the car rockets off the line and our of corners. This is a true street machine after this upgrade. The Power, delivery, and smoothness are well worth the time and money put into this build.

Circuit Motorsports is an Authorized Cobb Dealer and Protuner. We have a Subaru shop here in Orlando, FL and we specialize in Subaru service, maintenance, tuning, performance upgrades.