Saturday, February 22, 2014

BC Racing Coilover Install - Dodge Charger SRT8

We installed a set of the BC Racing BR Series coilovers on a customers Dodge Charger SRT8 "SuperBee" this past week. The BC's are a great choice for these cars as they come with a ton of height adjustment and a great spring-rate for a more aggressive suspension feel on the street.

We really like the BC Racing BR series coilover kits, as far as the asian-market coilovers go, they are one of the best bang-for-your-buck kits out there. For the LX cars (Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300) they offer a very wide range of height adjustment. You can be right at stock height on an R/T or you can absolutely slam the car and be tucking tire or wheel on most setups. There are very few kits out there that will allow such a wide range of adjustment and still have the shock travel needed for a civil ride. The kit mirrors the stock suspension layout as well, so you retain the rear spring and shock combo being separate. This is a good thing, as the rear suspension is not designed to carry the entire weight of the car on the shock tower alone, and this can be very dangerous without a seriously reinforcing that area of the chassis.

These coilovers hav3 30 clicks of adjustment for the damping control. This gives you a nice range of options for setting the firmness/softness of the suspension to best suit your driving style and preferences. You can dial in the suspension to feel good on the streets and then turn the damping up when you want to go our and hit the twisties, attend an auto-x or hit up a track day event. There is a huge difference between the stiff and soft ends of the range, so you have a lot of area there to play with. This is really critical as everyone has their own idea of what a "comfortable" or "stiff" ride will be, there is no one magic setting for everyone. So with this kit you can tailor the ride for your preferences.

The ride completely changes with these coilovers installed. The steering feels quicker and a lot more directly connected to your inputs. The body roll, pitch and dive is greatly reduced. you definitely have more of a "sports tuned" suspension feel as compared to the stock setup. It still retains quite a bit of comfort and compliance though, to the surprise of most drivers. If you are just cruising down the highway it would be hard to tell you have a full aftermarket coilover kit installed.

Circuit Motorsports is a full service Performance shop in Orlando Florida. We are an Authorized BC Racing dealer and we offer installs and setup. If you are looking to get more out of your LX car, we can help!

-Tristan S.