Thursday, February 13, 2014

2009 Subaru WRX Cobb Protuned - 345hp/377tq!

We just tuned a customers 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX this week using Cobb's Protuner software and a Version 3 Accessport. We achieved a staggering 345hp/377tq to the wheels, using the stock turbo!

This 2009 Subaru WRX was using a stock VF52 turbo, Stock Injectors and a stock Fuel pump! The customer did a good job of selecting the right exhaust mods and a bigger intercooler to maximize the stock turbos potential. Power mods are as follows:

-Perrin headers
-Perrin uppipe
-Perrin down pipe
-Perrin cat back exhaust
-Perrin top mount inner cooler
-CT stage 4 clutch& flywheel

One of the best things you can do with these cars is to spend the money and get a good set of headers and up-pipe. Too many times we see people doing a turboback exhaust and then throwing on a bigger turbo for more power. We have proved with cars we have tuned that by following a free-flowing exhaust plan, and upgrading the exhaust pre and post-turbo, you can free up big power with the stock turbocharger. Then when you do decide to get a bigger turbo, you are only still going to reap the benefits of that better exhaust system to spin up your turbine.

The car is now a torque-missile, giving a huge surge of torque right away and then building the power band smoothly all the way up.  The 2009 being a little understated on looks makes this a serious sleeper. I mean, look at these numbers, and on Stock WRX Turbo people!

Obviously a huge factor here is the tune. You need, absolutely need, a good tune on these cars to not only make power, but to have that power delivered in a smooth and manageable fashion. Don't spend big money on your fancy parts and then cheap-out on your tune. Do your research and use a tuner who has a good record of not only maximizing a cars potential, but getting a smooth driving, and safely tuned car as well. Our tuners philosophy is to get the most power out of a customers car, while keeping it knock-free and below the Safe AFR zone. Smooth power delivery and OEM like driving manners are also a big goal. Our Graphs prove that the extra time we take on a tune pays off in the end, big time.

Circuit Motorsports is an Authorized Cobb Dealer and Cobb Protuner located in Orlando, FL. We are "Subaru Specialists" and we have a Performance Shop specializing in Subaru's and other Import Tuner style vehicles in clouding EVO's, Nissan's, Porsche's and more! We offer professional installations, Tuning, Diagnostics and Maintenance.

-Tristan S.