Saturday, December 21, 2013

Circuit Motorsports Tuned - 2006 Subaru STI - Stock Turbo - 330hp/405tq.!

We just got done tuning another local customers car, a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, this car is still using a bone stock VF39. Even with the stock turbo we achieved a very impressive 330whp/405wtq.!

The car has a ton of bolt-ons and work done to it, the customer has really gone through every piece of the system and replaced just about everything that can be upgraded in the engine bay.

Power Bolt-ons include:

-AMR intake and hard inlet

-Bigger TMIC
-PnP throttle body, intake manifold & TGV deletes
-Tomei UEL Header
-Perrin Fuel rails w/ Bigger Injectors and Fuel pump
-Invidia Catless DP and Race Catback
-Grimmspeed EBCS

The turbo is a completely stock spec VF39. The customer really wanted to see what we could get out of the stock turbo before going bigger. Needless to say, he was happily shocked when we gave him the final numbers we achieved - 330 wheel horsepower and 405 wheel ft/lbs., on a Mustang Dyno!

This is a very safe and smooth tune, with great street drivability. This was not tuned to the ragged edge to get dyno queen numbers, that is not how we do things.

Using a more aggressive tune and with higher boost we actually managed to squeeze out 336hp/441ft.lbs. from the VF39! This was at the limit of the 93 octane the customer preferred though, so we backed the tune down to a safe 330/405 to be able to be used on the hot streets of Florida and in all conditions.

Here is the comparison graph between our high numbers tune and our final tune: 

You can see in the graph above how smooth and consistent our lines are. This makes for smooth power delivery and torque. Our tuning philosophy is to get the maximum power for the setup, while maintaining that power throughout the range, and keeping the car very safe to drive in any condition. We also strive for smooth power delivery and smooth drivability, with better than OEM idle and feel.

The car now feels like an absolute rocket off the line, Torque is all-in very earlier in the rev range and you really have to be aimed in the right direction when you put your foot down. Power builds very smoothly and tapers on only slightly towards redline. Overall the car runs fantastic now and we are very happy with the results.

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