Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SEMA 2013: Essex Parts Interview - AP Racing Brakes

We did an interview with Daniel of Essex Parts talking about the new AP Racing Sprint and Endurance kits for the BRZ and FR-S. We went over some of the advantages of the kits vs. the stock setup and the differences between the two AP kits. We also get a little more technical discussing the advantages of their 2-piece floating rotor design on the Endurance kit.

The AP racing brakes are top notch in the aftermarket brake world. They use super light calipers in their kits, which is where you will save a lot of weight compared to competitors kits. Their 2 piece rotors also save a significant amount of weight over stock. This is ideal as you are removing rotational mass where it really matters.  You can actually feel the difference in the weight loss in a car as light as lightly-powered as an FR-S/BRZ.

These kits are complete, they include the Calipers, brackets, rotors, lines, fluid and you even get your choice of pads for a very small upcharge. The best part is that they work perfectly with the stock master cylinder, no need to swap cylinders or place a bias switch or restrictor pill in the system.

If you're looking to upgrade the brakes on your 86 for a better feel, or if you're doing a lot of auto-x/track days and overheating the factory brakes, these kits should warrant a hard look.

Check them out here:

Sprint -