Thursday, November 7, 2013

SEMA 2013 - Borg Warner Turbos and Full Race Kits for Subaru STI & WRX

Circuit Motorsports talks to Geoff from Full race about the New Borg Warner 7163F Turbo and the accompanying Full Race "Stock-location" kit for the Subaru WRX and STi's. These new turbos have some seriously impressive features.

I for one am very impressed, and pretty excited about this new 7163F turbo and the accompanying Full Race kit for the 2.5l Subaru WRX and STI's. I am already thinking about when I am going to upgrade and what other parts I will want to add at that time.

The difference in weight between the Inconel wheel and the Gamma Ti wheel is insane, Geoff said it was  half the weight, to me it felt even less than that. The Ceramic bearings let the wheel spin freely, and I mean really freely. Spinning the wheel by hand on the static display made it feel like a light breeze would spin the wheel, it has very little resistance.

You can definitely tell this turbo has some serious engineering in it it. The way the exhaust fins let the gasses flow by at a 45` angle, the way the wastegate door is off to the side an out of the way of the exhaust turbine flow. The fact that the turbo has both a BPV and a boost control solenoid built into it. I really like the fast that the BPV is on the turbo and shoots air directly into the compressor, helping to keep it spinning just that tiny bit more when you close the throttle plate. All super impressive stuff.

My Christmas wish list just got a little longer.