Friday, November 22, 2013

Circuit Motorsports Tunes & Dynos the CMS WRX

Well, we just got done doing a little polishing on our tune and getting our Dyno numbers on the CMS WRX.

We are very pleased with our tune, we achieved 292whp/313wtq!


This is a 2006 Subaru WRX with ONLY a Vf43, Samco turbo inlet, Process West TMIC and turboback exhaust. Very mild bolt-ons, running stock intake, exhaust manifolds, TGV's , etc.

Also this was on a Mustang "heartbreaker" Dyno and we were battling heat (Need to work out some better cooling fans/setup on this particular dyno).

Overall we were very pleased. We achieved very solid peak numbers, but more importantly we gained a ton of torque and were able to hold it very flat for most of the mid-range, only tapering off towards redline due to the restrictions of the OEM VF43. The Horsepower is even better, building very progressively and holding flat all the way to redline. This provided a very responsive car, giving you gobs of torque right off the bat and then building power all the way through the rev range.

We also did a comparison with a previous tuners map as well, the car had been tuned for the same mods by a very popular Subaru tuner. We wanted to see how our tune would stack up. As you can see here, we did pretty darn well!

The previous tuners graph are the lighter colored lines, the Circuit Motorsports tune are the darker colors. You can see how our torque curve comes up quickly and then stays flat, compared to the previous tune where the torque spikes, and then drops off dramatically. Our horsepower curve is much more impressive, building quicker and then continuing way beyond the previous hp gains.

These runs were done back to back, so the conditions were exactly the same. We flashed the previous tuners map, did 3 runs, then we let the car cool and flashed our map, then did our runs for comparison. We achieved 57 more horsepower, to the wheels.  Importantly this is on 93 octane, with no knock, we are not straining the motor or risking the car for these numbers.

Previous Tuners numbers:  235hp/317wtq.

Circuit Motorsports Numbers:  292hp/313wtq.

Our tuning philosophy is to get the maximum power for the setup, while maintaining that power throughout the range, and keeping the car very safe to drive in any condition. We also strive for smooth power delivery and smooth drivability, with better than OEM idle and feel.

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