Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Martin Sport Car Club Autocross- 9-14-13

This past Saturday we went out to the Lake County Technical Center and did some racing with the guys at Martin Sports Car Club. This was my first time racing at an autocross so I had a ton to learn about driving technique and auto-x etiquette.

My 06 WRX(above). 
Since this was my first auto-cross I was put into the novice class so I could have some time to learn and adapt to a new driving style. I also decided to have an instructor with me so I could learn a more about car control and how to drive. Here were the times for all of my runs. 60.00, 51.36, 48.41, 64.04 +2 cones, 47.59. At the end of the day I ended up taking top spot in the novice class and the Circuit Motorsports tuned BRZ took a very close second. I still have a ton to learn about driving if I'm going to be competitive with the other racers out there! Below are some pics from the rest of the event.

Course walk! Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
 Lined up ready to race!
 CMS 2006 WRX
 Very fast Turbo'ed FR-S.
Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
Beautiful S2000. Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
 Supercharged Miata!
Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
 Chris's bugeye.
Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
 CMS Tuned BRZ. Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
Picture Credit:©2013 kabelphoto
The next Martin Sport Car Club autocross that we will be going to is on October 13th at the Lake County Technical Center. Thanks to kabelphoto for the awesome pics!
-Paul @ CMS