Monday, August 19, 2013

The first officially tuned BRZ from STi

The first officially tuned BRZ from STi - This is it, what everyone has been waiting for.

However, this is going to really disappoint some people and really excite others.  How could you possibly be disappointed in this, you're asking yourself?  Well, the BRZ isn't exactly a powerhouse and the 200hp from the factory leaves a lot to be desired if you're used to the WRX turbo punch and any of the other JDM turbo sports cars. So a lot of folks were really hoping the new "STi" version was going to include a lump of extra power form the NA motor or some kind of Forced-induction.

Subaru has said quite a few time however that they will not produce a forced induction car, and the first special edition STi tuned version would include chassis and suspension upgrades only. So it looks like they have stuck true to their word, so far.

But we all know that STi loves to tinker with their prized sports car, whether it be a BRZ or WRX, so I think we may just yet see a bigger powered car in the future, all we can do is wait and see.

As for this "TS" version, I like it. I think the BRZ's strong points are it's small size, relatively lightweight and the chassis. So STi has come along and only added more goodies and bits to the BRZ's strong suit. The brakes, tires/wheels, springs, dampers, arms, and all of the other great stuff they added should make the car handle like an absolute dream on the streets and twisties.  These new STi parts should get rid of most, if not all, of the standard BRZ's suspension shortcomings.  I think it looks really good with those larger Brembo calipers peeking out from behind the wheels, and the subtle Aero lip and sideskirts, coupled with the wing, give it a more purposeful look. Those seats are downright amazing.

Again, for some this car is going to be something to lust after and wish Subaru would bring to the USA (Damn you Subaru some of us Ameicans can drive and we want this car!). For others, it will be a very expensive car....that is still slow. But the beauty of the automotive aftermarket is that you can add whatever you want, and just continue to build on what I'm sure will be a great driving car.

I'd have one, but I think I would add a nice supercharger setup to it. Yeah, I like me some power.

-Tristan S.

Official press release and Specs below:

Tokyo, August 19, 2013 – Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI)*1 today announced the release of the "SUBARU BRZ tS" which goes on sale on August 19 through Subaru dealerships in Japan.

The inherent handling performance of the Subaru BRZ has been further enhanced by using expertise developed in motorsports while achieving the "strength and nimbleness" driving committed by STI. The "SUBARU BRZ tS" offers a driver "oneness with vehicle" and "agile handling pleasure".

Exclusive tuning such as the adoption of a large-diameter driveshaft and STI's unique flexible parts embodies superior handling performance. Driving performance has also been enhanced by the adoption of "brembo" ventilated disc brakes, 18-inch aluminum wheels and a STI designed front under spoiler. The model comes with special features including the "STI" / "tS" ornaments and exclusively-made fender garnish on the exterior as well as a speedometer with an STI logo inside, which evoke driving excitement and pleasure of ownership.

In addition, "GT PACKAGE" model which is suitable for motorsports enthusiasts is released. The model features a STI designed dry carbon rear spoiler, black colored "BBS" designed 18-inch aluminum wheels and "Recaro" designed front bucket seat.


<Major equipment of SUBARU BRZ tS>

225/40ZR18 (92Y) tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport)
STI designed 18-inch x 7 1/2J aluminum wheels (silver)
brembo front 17-inch opposed 4-pot ventilated disc brake with "STI" logo
brembo rear 17-inch opposed 2-pot ventilated disc brake with "STI" logo
STI designed rear suspension link with pillow ball bush (trailing link front, lateral link front inside & rear inside)
STI tuned strut and STI coil springs for front suspension
STI tuned damper and STI coil springs for rear suspension
STI designed flexible tower bar, front
STI designed flexible draw stiffener, front
STI designed large-diameter driveshaft
Exclusively-tuned VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)
Exclusively-tuned filter for Sound Creator®*2

STI designed front under spoiler
STI designed front fender garnish with "STI" logo
Exclusively-made "STI" ornament (front & rear), "tS" ornament (rear)

Exclusively-made front seat with "STI" logo and red stitch
[Alcantara®*3 (gray punching) / leather (gray), "STI" logo, gray stitch, front seat heater, SRS side airbag]
Exclusively-made leather lapped steering wheel (with "STI" ornament and red stitch)
STI designed leather shift knob (manual transmission) / select lever (automatic transmission) with "STI" logo
Exclusively-made speedometer with "STI" logo
Exclusively-made speedometer visor [Alcantara® (black), black stitch]
Carbon tone instrument panel
STI designed push engine switch with "STI" logo (red)
Exclusively-made aluminum side sill plate with "tS" logo
STI designed leather access key cover (red)

-Equipments for GT PACKAGE-
STI designed 18-inch x 7 1/2J aluminum wheels (black)
STI designed dry carbon rear spoiler (2 angle adjustable)
Recaro designed front bucket seat
[Alcantara® (gray punching) / leather (gray), "STI" logo, gray stitch, SRS side airbag]

*2: Sound Creator® is the registered trademark of MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corporation.
*3: Alcantara® is the registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

Maximum 500 units (must be pre-ordered by March 9, 2014)
[Including maximum 250 units of GT PACKAGE]   

 Subaru released a ton of gorgeous pics, go ahead and drool over these.