Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Central Florida Rally / SCCA at Port Saint Lucie

 Last month we were at the Central Florida Rally / SCCA sanctioned rally event down in Port Saint Lucie Florida. It was a beautiful day out there and there was some great rally cross going on! We had a couple of our cars out there taken part in the festivities. Also our sponsored silver Impreza rallycar is leading his class this season!  Check out some of our pics and let us know what you think.

 2006 STI
 2006 STI Slide
 2005 STI
 2005 STI over crest!
Baby Seals Club 300ZX rally mobile
 Rally BMW
 Pit area

 The support Outback saving another car!
 Central Florida Rally SCCA!
 Warm up lap

 Fast little Escort!
 CMS Sponsored rally car
 Over crest!
 Fastest car of the day!

 Keep your nose up Subaru

 I don't think these would be able to rally very well...
 The Rally Rhino destroying some cones

 Rally Dog!


 All Lined up
 This guy was sliding all day long!

 Great looking STI

 The support Outback is in for the save! Again!