Friday, April 19, 2013

AEM Performance Intakes & Electronics

AEM’s has been an automotive aftermarket powerhouse for years and Circuit Motorsports is your source for AEM Intake systems and AEM electronics. From the Acura RSX to the Volkswagen Jetta, AEM makes the top of the line intakes for almost any vehicle on the market. If your looking for engine management, gauges, or even a wideband, AEM has got you covered with its full line of products that will help you control and monitor all of the systems of your vehicle.

AEM has several variants of intake systems you can choose from and determine which is best for your setup. The intake systems include; Cold Air Intakes, Short Ram Intake, Electronically Tuned Intake, Brute Force Intake, Dual Chamber Intake, and even a line of Honda based, Hybrid Air intakes. Although there are several models to choose from, each AEM intake is designed to ultimately increase air flow and maximize horse power and torque figures.

If you need an aftermarket intake or high quality performance gauges AEM is the way to go and Circuit Motorsports has you covered!

AEM Electronics

AEM Intake