Friday, June 30, 2017

Dyno Tuning Race Prepped FR-S / 86s

There is a local shop that we work with, Dynasty Racing, whom campaigns several Scion FR-S race cars.  They have prepped these cars to run in the SCCA Touring 4 (T4) spec class. Dynasty runs a car under their own name and they have a handful of clients whom they support at these races.  They chose us to dyno-tune their vehicles using Ecutek software on our Mustang dyno, and we were happy to oblige!

Power modifications for this class are very limited, basically restricted to an air filter, catback exhaust, and the allowances of a gutted cat.  The rest of the mods and work are all in the chassis and safety systems.  Our job was to get as much power out of the car as we could with the restrictive factory intake and exhaust systems still in place.  Our Ecutek Master Tuner, Big Bob, set to work on the dyno to extract every last horsepower we could, while still maintaining a margin of safety for hard track use.

Tuning a track car is a fine balance of power and safety. Most people often think - "Oh I will get a track map with more power just for track use", but the truth is actually quite the opposite. The issue is that when a car is used on a track, it sees way more abuse than it does on a normal drive on the street.  Temperatures for oil, coolant, and drive-line fluids skyrocket with prolonged lapping, which taxes all of the systems greatly.  As oil and coolant temps rise the engine is pushed to the limit for cooling, and hot engines are usually not happy engines.  So tuning a car for race use often means dialing it back a bit to provide a margin for safety not usually needed for a normal "street car".  The driver also needs to be competitive with the other cars on the field, you don't want to be down 10hp on a straightaway with a car than only makes 200whp on a good day. This is where the fine balance is made between horsepower and safety!

Surprisingly, even with the factory header and overpipe/front-pipe in place, the absence of the main cat made a big difference in flow. Most stock header cars we tune with an intake and exhaust are around 185-190whp.  A header being required to reach or exceed the coveted 200whp mark.  The race prepped FR-Ss we tuned for Dynasty all made over 200whp, we were pleased!  The horsepower curve is a nice progressive rise to redline, and the torque curve is a very flat plateau across the board. Exactly what you want in a track car!  Predictable torque from 2500rpm and horsepower all the way to redline, oh yes.

The drivers of the cars were on hand to watch the tuning and they were impressed with Big Bob's thoroughness in his tuning strategy.  We were pleased to have very close numbers across the 3 different cars we tuned, with all 3 making within 2 horsepower of each other!  Final numbers for the 3 cars were all over 200 horsepower, very good numbers for 93 octane and the mods.

-Circuit Motorsports is a performance tuning shop located in Orlando, FL.  We have a professional tuner on staff who is a certified Ecutek Master Tuner and a Cobb Protuner. Our shop specializes in import performance cars from Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more.

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