Monday, June 26, 2017

2016 WRX DIT Stage 3 and Dyno Tune!

This is a 2016 WRX 6mt that we had previously installed a stage 2+ array of parts on and dyno-tuned, but the customer wanted more.  So he opted to go with a new Perrin EL header and an ETS FMIC kit.  This ended up being our highest horsepower DIT WRX tune to date on 93 octane!

We started by removing the factory exhaust manifold and turbo arrangement. You can see in the pics how much smoother the Perrin headers transition from the runners to the collector area.  This will help with flow and power!  The turbo flange is beefy, and the header as a whole is a very nice piece, and of good quality. We did need to modify the head to manifold gaskets to elongate the mounting hole for a clean fit.  A little run through our drill press and they were good to go! Install was smooth and fitment of the header was spot on other than the gaskets. We’ll find out later how much power it adds over the factory manifold.

The factory TMIC is small, has very little thermal capacity and overheats quickly. We see this consistently on dyno pulls where it will start out at ambient temp, and quickly shoot up to “heatsoaked” territory after one pull. A bigger TMIC or a FMIC kit is the way to go on these cars, and the ETS FMIC kit is a nice option. We started the FMIC installation by removing the front bumper, beam, and undertray plastics.  We then installed the core and started running the pipes and couplers up to the turbo outlet and the throttle body where the factory TMIC used to reside. Fitment was good and we had no issues, thumbs up for the ETS kit!

The new core is huge compared to the factory TMIC core, and the black finish completely hides away behind the factory bumper grille, very clean and stealthy for those looking to fly under the radar. Last mod was installing a front lip for a nice, but subtle, upgrade.  We like this style of lip, it helps a little with aero, and it looks good without being gaudy.  More thumbs up.

We buttoned it up and with the previous mods (j-pipe, fuel pump, boost controller, TGV and EGR deletes, Intake, and Accessport) it was on it’s way to the dyno!  The new setup tuned great and added power as we expected.  Previously this car put down 294hp/312tq on our mustang dyno, with the new mods the improvement was noticeable at a very nice 332hp/347tq!  We had a max power run 370 ft/lbs. of torque, but that was with more boost than we really wanted to run to keep it safe, so we dialed it back.  That was an exciting number to see with these mods though!

So, with our tune dialed in for a safe street setup this car made just a hair under 350 ft/lbs. to the wheels. The torque is all in by 4000rpm and it’s moving, the low end pull from this setup is amazing!

If you’re looking for a really strong DIT WRX this is a great setup to have. Contact us for info or assistance with your car!

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