Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New CMS Sponsored NASA-SE Drivers: Team AMMO

Hello all,
Team AMMO is very happy to have been invited by Circuit Motorsports to join their growing list of sponsored drivers.  So what is all this "Team AMMO" stuff?  Well Team AMMO is comprised of two drivers, Andy and Mikey, who have had a lifelong obsession with all things automotive.  Our story begins about two years ago when our love of all things car became a serious discussion about getting into a competitive motorsport and the search for the right car and host organization began.

Fast forward to current day and we have both gotten a Scion FR-S and decided that our target is to be competitive in NASA TTD.  Our goal has been to become better drivers and the FR-S really was the best choice since it communicates everything to the driver so well and it allows the driver to approach the limits at a safe and controllable speed.  We also fell in love with the NASA-SE family and their easygoing and always willing to help attitude, its really an environment that nurtures drivers and helps grow driving skills.

Looking forward to the 2015 season we have the goal of doing most of the NASA-SE events which means we will get to drive some great tracks like Roebling Road, Barber, Carolina Motorsports and of course our hometown track Road Atlanta!  If you have the opportunity to come out to any of the NASA-SE events keep your eyes open for us and come say hi. 

We are, of course, at the end of the season which means its time to pull cars apart and make some changes!  We are very eagerly awaiting some goodies from the great team at Circuit Motorsports and will be sure to update you guys as our build progresses over the next few months so check back for updates.

Of course we want to give a big thank you to the CMS team and all the hard work they put into taking care of not just us sponsored drivers but all of their customers.

Until next time,

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