Sunday, September 28, 2014

Circuit Motorsports Tuning - Mitsubishi EVO X with Cobb Accessport

Circuit Motorsports recently tuned customers' Mitsubishi EVO X using a Cobb Accessport V3 and Protuner software. This EVO had standard bolt-ons with a stock turbo. We achieved an incredible average of 378hp/388tq to the wheels!

We did 3 back to back runs on the final revision of the tune. Numbers varied (as they normally do) due to temperature changes and the cars components heating up after each run. The high numbers read 378hp/397tq, with the low numbers at 377hp/381tq., an Average of 378/388 to the wheels! We are very pleased with the results as this is higher than normal with the same bolt-ons with other tunes we have seen reported on these EVOs. The car was running standard 93 octane fuel, tuning was done in Orlando, Florida on a Mustang dyno with temps in the low 90s, high humidity. Boost levels are set right at 27psi on the stock turbo.

As with all of our tunes it is very safe and we felt 100% confident that we had reliably extracted the available power form this setup without compromising the integrity of the vehicles engine or components. We verified the tune on the street afterwards to be safe. You can see from the 2 graphs below that our back to back runs were very consistent, showing a solid tune!

Mods are as follows on this 2012 EVO X:

-ETS V2 Catless Turboback exhaust
-Cobb 2-piece Intercooler pipe kit
-ETS Big-bore Intake
-Grimmspeed EBCS
-Cobb V3 Accessport

The car pulls very smoothly and strongly through the rev range. The RPM's go by very quickly once the boost kicks in, so you need to be ready when you floor it! There is much more power available through the entire powerband and the car feel very strong out of the corners and on straightaways. This is how the EVO should have come tuned from the factory!

Circuit Motorsports is an authorized Cobb dealer and Protuner located in Orlando, FL. We specialize in performance upgrades, tuning, engine building, chassis tuning and everything else needed to make a car handle and horsepower! Contact us today for tuning your EVO X!


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