Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tyler Jago CMS Sponsored Driver SCCA Solo STU - 2014 Race 4

Event 4 was a couple weeks ago but had some drama with the photogs and pics only came up recently. Worth waiting for because we got some good ones.

Here is an excellent sequence:

The race was at the site that is more friendly to street tires and a course that was highly suited to AWD. Typically the top 10 is filled with highly prepped cars on race rubber, but this time around we had 4 ST* cars in the mix which was pretty awesome.

STU specifically was really fun with just just 0.2s separating 1st from 3rd and all of us in the top 10 overall. Here is a cool sequence, getting all over the cones:

Cutting distance and being tight and tidy was the fast way around this course. I had over 1s between my fastest and slowest runs and the only difference was distance.

On my 2nd run I put down a 40.6s which was fast enough to take top position in STU and top PAX overall...but I hit a frigging cone!! Grrrrr. I was flying though:

On my final run I put up a 40.7s which took top position in STU, 3rd place overall and just 0.07s out of 1st place!! Ended up with 999pts out of 1000 which is the highest score ever recorded in my region for STU. Bawler!!

Car is doing great and I'm looking good for the National Tour event at PPIR. Thanks again for the support.


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