Monday, June 2, 2014

Tyler Jago CMS Sponsored Driver SCCA Solo STU - 2014 Race 2

Had another event on Sunday and got pics and vids all loaded up. Course was pretty boring and I only had one person in my class so overall not very exciting, nothing like race 1 this season. I think the lack of competition and uninspiring course design lulled me into a sense of apathy. I was right in the mix to be top 20 with over 160 drivers but kept screwing up the finish. It was the only interesting part of the course which made me push too hard and get out of position.

The car feels really strong and torquey right now, this course was set up to go:
  • Drag race
  • Threshold Brake
  • Turn
  • Repeat
This type of feature on a course is fun once but we had four of these types of turns without a slalom or sweeper in sight...boooo!!! However I did bring the right weapon to the fight, because I can get on the throttle early and rely on AWD awesomeness to pull me out my times were very competitive. Here are some cool action shots:

If you look closely you'll see a bumper piece missing...yep that was from some gnarly coneage:

After I center punched that cone and did so much damage I got more tentative through the finish and let myself drift wide. A DNF is never a good way to score points:

When I look at my fastest raw time (39.1s) I finished 16th overall out of 164 and was the fastest guy on street tires by over 0.5s. But they caught me riding dirty and instead finished 103rd overall...ouch. Definitely my worst finish in a long time. But this taught me to take things a bit more seriously and realize that cone penalties and DNFs will ruin your day.

Driving scared and being way off the cones doesn't work either:

"Mind the Gap" that is not the sexy kind of gap right there.

Live and learn. Next event is this weekend and I should have more competition to keep me honest. I plan on bouncing back with a vengeance!!