Thursday, June 26, 2014

2013 Subaru STI Cobb Protune - 330hp/360tq to the Wheels!

Another STI was tuned this past week by the Tuning pros here at Circuit Motorsports! Relatively stock 2013 Subaru STI achieved an impressive 328hp/360tq to the Wheels!

Using the Cobb Pro-tuning software, we tuned this car on a Mustang Dyno here in Orlando, FL. Temps were HOT, right around 97 degrees with high humidity, runs were done at sea level.

Mod list is as follows:

-2013 Subaru STI with 8500miles
-Cobb Accessport
-Invidia Catless DP
-Nameless axle back 4inch mufflers
-Cobb sf intake with box
-Cobb BPV
-Grimmspeed EBCS

This was basically a stage 2 car with the exception of the EBCS. We installed the EBCS just prior to tuning and did a Smoke Leak test to ensure that the intake system was tight with zero leaks. The car tuned very nicely with zero issues, putting down more impressive numbers with each run. The final runs were very consistent as you can see by the graph above, showing a solid tune and a smooth running car. The final numbers were very close, resulting is about 330hp/360tq to the wheels.

The stock VF style turbo makes an absolute tidal wave of torque right off the line. Having this much power on tap right away is a ton of fun, and coupled with the STI's AWD system provides a point and shoot experience very few cars can match. A tuned STI is a very fun car to have on the road, if you have one, you really NEED to get a tune done by the Circuit Motorsport's Pros!


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