Friday, January 31, 2014

Tomei Expreme CBE installed on 2011 WRX Sedan

Tomei Expreme Full Titanium catback installed on a 2011 WRX Sedan!

These exhausts are of the highest quality craftsmanship and weigh a fraction of what the stock exhaust system does!

The Tomei Expreme Catback exhaust for the Subaru WRX is all hand welded titanium, the welds are all beautiful and very consistent. The canister is polished to a high luster and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. This is an exhaust system that you want to hang on the wall, it almost feels a shame to put one of these under a car and submit it to road grit and weather. It uses slip fittings with retainer springs and clamps, very nice stuff, and no gaskets to leak.

Total weight for this whole system is about 10 pounds. The stock catback weighs about 45-50 pounds. Do the math, this system is really lightweight. They even go so far as to weld on hollow exhaust hanger arms. Yeah, they are hollow, that's how awesome this exhaust is. The name of the game is lighweight, and they win that game.

It has a very aggressive and deep tone. Titanium lends itself to a very nice exhaust note, it doesn't have the tinny or rattling noise you can get with other steel systems. It also deals with heat a lot better than steel.

Video of Exhaust -

So if you're looking for the nicest exhaust you can get for your WRX or STI, we hihgly suggest one of the Tomei Expreme CBE's.

Circuit Motorsports is a Performance Shop located in Orlando, FL that is also a Tomei dealer.  We are Subaru Specialists but we can work on, and make anything, fast!