Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CMS STi spotted in Modified Magazine

Circuit Motorsports Attended the 2nd Annual V2Labs "Mystery Meat" earlier this year. There were over 7,000 cars and nearly 20,000 people in attendance in Downtown Orlando, it was quite the turnout and a testament to the large following V2labs has created for itself. We rented a Vendor booth space and brought out a few of our cars, including the Urban Camo 2005 STi, which stood out just enough to catch the attention of the Modified Mag photographers!

We all really enjoyed the event and we were definitely glad we decided to attend as a vendor. I met a ton of cool guys and girls interested in modifying their cars to get the best handling, power and looks. I always enjoy "talking cars" with fellow gearheads, especially if it's on a subject I know a lot about and I feel I can steer the other person in the right direction. I had a lot of guys/girls come up and ask about Subaru parts; what they were told, what they read and what they wanted. A lot of times I hear from people who have a list of mods or ideas in their head that may not be exactly in line with the goal for the car, and it may actually be completely detrimental to the goal. It always makes me feel good to give solid advice to a fellow enthusiasts, because I used to be the guy with no money and tons of parts on my list, and I know how much of a setback a bad purchase or install can be.

The "Meat" included a bunch of Vendor booths setup around 4 city blocks, a stage with live music under I-4, a shoe show/swap, live Graffitti painting and a whole lot more. There were tons of cars coming and going the entire time, some guys parking and enjoying the scene, while others were more content with just cruising around and checking it all out.  The cars ranged from $500 Honda Civics, Subarus and EVOs, RSX's and VW's to rare R34 Nissan Skylines, high-horsepower Supras, and Exotics like the Porsche GT3 RS, and Ferrari 458. It was definitely a fun day, and I am looking forward to next years meet and to see what V2labs can do up top this years gathering!

-Tristan S.