Wednesday, August 21, 2013

V2Labs Back to School Meat

Circuit Motorsports was out in Attendance at Version Two Laboratories "Back to School Meat" this Past Sunday in downtown Orlando. V2Labs put on the show to hand out Backpacks and school supplies to anyone who came out and needed them. There was a a few tables setup with a ton of backpacks, pens, pencils, paper and general school supplies, it was impressive just how much stuff V2labs had to give away, completely for free.

There were also some local business who had setup booths with information and handouts, a DJ and a blood donation bus were there as well. It was a pretty impressive setup. We headed out to donate a few backpacks and goodies of our own for the cause and check out some of the local cars.

Of course V2labs can't put on an event without a car show as well. There were probably between 100-150 cars under I-4 when we arrived, and there were plenty of people coming and going the few hours we were there. As usual there was something for everyone: Slammed VW's, old School Mazda RX series with loping rotaries, Simply Clean style Hondas Acuras and Hyundais, and a Ruckus gang. We saw a couple really nice "performance" prepped cars, 335i BMW's, GT-R, a few Subarus, etc. There was even a Mclaren MP4C-12 in attendance.

We always enjoy a good car meet; checking out the wide variety of modification styles, chatting with the owners,  getting some ideas from what others have come up with. It only makes it better that this event had a dual purpose, bringing like minded enthusiasts together and handing out supplies to kids who could really use them.

We Applaud V2Labs for putting this meet together and we look forward to their next event.

-Tristan S.