Thursday, August 15, 2013

BC Coilover Install on BRZ - Orlando

Today BC Coilovers are going on our customers Subaru BRZ. We first meet him at the latest Orlando NUROTAG meet a few months back right after he picked up his BRZ and he was asking about a new suspension setup. So after going over a few options we set him up with a set of BCs that will work perfectly for him. Take a look at some of the pics!

Beautiful looking BC racing coilovers for this BRZ.

Front tire off. Notice the stock spring/strut assembly.
Rear Tires off. Notice the stock spring/strut assembly.
 Part on the left is the front factory Subaru coil/strut assembly. Part on the right is the rear BC coilover for the BRZ.
I love these Cosmic Blue Rota Grids. They look great with the silver!
Front right BC coilovers on!

BC coils installed. Now lets get her off the lift!
Boom. Done. Circuit Motorsports USA! BC Coilovers installed on this Subaru BRZ!

BC Racing Coilovers for Subaru BRZ & Scion FR-S