Saturday, July 13, 2013

ATi - Auto-Tech Interiors Gauge Pods

Auto-Tech Interiors, or ATI, is your source for unique gauge mounting solutions. ATI holds their revolutionary products to the highest possible standards. Their goal is to create products that will have a factory look but can accommodate various aftermarket gauge systems.

ATI has three different lines of gauge mounting solutions, they include; the ATI ePod, ATI eZ Pod, and ATI vPod. The ATI ePod is designed to be specifically placed on a vehicles steering wheel base. This innovated model makes it easy for drivers to monitor both their factory gauge cluster and their aftermarket gauge systems simultaneously. Continuing, with ATI's eZ Pod mounting system. The eZ Pod line, of gauge pods, are a unique line that are custom tailored to the various manufacture's interiors. For instance, the ATI Triple Meter Center Dash Pod for the Subaru WRX & STI is perhaps the most popular gauge mounting solution for the Subaru community. The pod sits in the center of the dash in place of the factory clock pod. Finally, the ATI vPod is perhaps the most unique of all 3 lines of ATI pods. This line is a small series of pods that fit into the air vents of your Dodge Charger or Challenger, late model Ford Mustang, or Mini Cooper.

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