Monday, June 3, 2013

STI Performance Parts and Service in Orlando

 This Suby already has a couple basic performance bolt-ons but the customer wants to continue to improve the performance and not sacrifice some of the factory feel. Today a Perrin Turbo Heatshield, Hella Supertone Horns, and the Process West Top Mount Intercooler Splitter were installed. Here are a couple pics. Stay tuned for more from this Subaru!
Hella Super Tone horns. These are a must if you live in any city with any traffic!
Another must we always suggest is a Turbo Heat-shield. 
Check out the hood scoop area and you'll see the Process West Top Mount Intercooler splitter which fits very snugly over the huge AMR TMIC. This is another must for Subaru's with large Top Mount intercoolers because it directs the air flow from the scoop right over every section of the intercooler. There should be much more from this Subaru in the future so stay up-to-date with Circuit Motorsports!