Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scion FR-S Shop in for a Wheel Test Fit- Orlando

Today we have this beautiful Scion FR-S coming in to try and test fit some wheels. Our customer has a show coming up and wants some new wheels. It just so happens our 06 shop WRX has the exact size our customer is looking for, so why not test fitment to see how it sits?! This FR-S is also the car that got the Vortech/Perrin Supercharger kit installed.

This looks much better than stock and fitment with aftermarket springs is near perfect. Our customer isn't going with this style of wheel but the size and specs will be similar. Wheel size above is 17x9 5x100 +42 with 255/40/17 Star Spec Z2s. We have some more stuff planned for this Scion FR-S soon so stay tuned!