Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshafts here at Circuit Motorsports

At Circuit Motorsports we proudly carry ACPT carbon fiber driveshafts. Advanced Composite Products & Technology, or ACPT, carbon fiber driveshafts are an essential for the enthusiast who is looking to reduce overall weight and reduce rotational mass on their vehicle. Aside from lighter weight and reduced rotational mass, ACPT drive shafts also are much safer than an OEM driveshaft and can even provide longer life for some of your key components.
During R&D, ACPT driveshafts are pushed to the ultimate limit. For example, an ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft can withstand a torque rating of almost 6,000 FT-LBS! Which is far beyond the holding strength of a standard driveshaft U Joint. When a carbon fiber driveshaft exceeds operational effectiveness it breaks far differently than a standard steal or aluminum driveshaft. Rather than a large piece of metal breaking and potentially entering the cabin of the vehicle or causing catastrophic collateral damage, a carbon fiber drive shaft splinters which prevents the broken parts from harming the driver or vehicle.

Applications: 2002-2013 Subaru WRX / STI & 1993-1998 Toyota Supra TT

Check out our website or send us an email and we can set you up with one of these light weight ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshafts. Contact info on the right side bar!